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Some context on the COVID-19 epidemic in Kentucky

by Paul Coomes and Ken Troske The public is understandably alarmed by the Covid-19 pandemic we have endured since February. All of us know someone ... Read more

4 hours ago by Jeff Moreland.

Cook questions Danville Christian Academy lawsuit

Recently, the Advocate reported a local, private Christian school sued Governor Beshear so they may hold in-person classes. The basis of the lawsuit claims Beshear ... Read more

20 hours ago by Letters to the Editor.

An open letter to Congress

With all of the turmoil of the pandemic and this year’s elections, it is important for Congress to help small businesses by quickly passing S.3612 ... Read more

2 days ago by Advocate-Messenger.

Beshear letting Kentuckians gamble with their lives

Casinos are not essential. Some will tell you Kentucky doesn’t have casinos, at least not in the traditional sense. But we do have gaming at ... Read more

2 days ago by Jeff Moreland.

Hoskins says elections are secure

ElectionsAmerican elections are overwhelmingly safe and secure. Not one shred of concrete proof has been offered to substantiate allegations of balloting wrongdoing. Yes, one PA ... Read more

3 days ago by Letters to the Editor.

Payne says Trump not fulfilling his oath

COVID-19 is rampant throughout our country. Instead of making any effort to control the spread, Trump is spending his time trying to delegitimize the election ... Read more

7 days ago by Letters to the Editor.

Our offices will be closed, but we’re still here to serve you

Much like the rest of the state, in March, we closed our offices and sent our staff to work from home. For two months, our ... Read more

1 week ago by Jeff Moreland.

Homelessness: What can our community do differently?

Consider these two stories. A man shows up at a local hotel, asking for a room for the night. When asked to pay, he has ... Read more

1 week ago by Special to The Advocate-Messenger.

Former city manager speaks out on attorney’s statement

An Advocate-Messenger news report published online and in the print editions contains a statement by Danville City Attorney Stephen Dexter that is grossly inaccurate. In ... Read more

1 week ago by Letters to the Editor.

Working to give you more

A lot has changed in the newspaper business, especially in the past year since the arrival of COVID-19. Although some things have changed in the ... Read more

1 week ago by Jeff Moreland.

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